Ivy House Day Care Provision

Ivy House is the dream of Jane Lowe who has been caring for people with dementia for more than 20 years.


Concerned with the challenges of improving the quality of life for those living with dementia, Jane conceived the idea for Ivy House. Rejecting the notion that people with dementia are happy to sit in front of a television all day, Jane focussed on developing a space where they can thrive. Combining cognitive therapy with a programme of activities, support groups and events, in 2010, Ivy House opened its doors. Since then, the team of dedicated care ‘companions’ has grown from strength to strength and Ivy has gained a reputation for “seeing the person and not the dementia”.

Based in beautiful Victorian property in central Eastbourne, the day care provision at Ivy House includes a lively programme aimed at those not ready for a traditional care environment. Sessions are built around attendees themselves, and through detailed discussions with individuals, provide a direct link with their own hobbies and interests. With an emphasis on fun, engagement and confidence building, the Ivy team’s personal approach is delivering something unique and valuable to people with dementia. It is also offering an essential lifeline to family members who may not be able to cope with a caring role.

Jane Lowe is a regular speaker on the subject of dementia care provision, both locally and nationally and is a strong campaigner for government and community support for people with dementia.

Ivy House Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens in a typical day at Ivy House?

No two days are ever the same at Ivy House. There is no set routine as the house is set up to resemble family life as closely as possible. We understand that the condition of each person attending is different, as is their character and personality. Anyone spending time at Ivy House has the opportunity to shape their experience and we offer many varied activities to suit each individual and their interests and hobbies.

What activities do you offer in your sessions?

Activities may involve the preparation and cooking of meals, helping in the garden or walking the local area. With an emphasis on fun, visitors can enjoy darts, pool, painting, dancing, woodwork or pottery and much more! A session could involve a lively game of scrabble or a sing-along around the piano, but the days are always client-led. For a really good idea of what goes on, visit our Facebook page! Alongside the organised activities, our staff or ‘companions’ as they are known’ engage our visitors in conversation and focus closely on redeveloping many of their lost skills. All this happens within the framework of a care plan specifically developed for the needs and desires of the individual.

Are you a residential home?

We are a daycare centre rather than residential. Clients come to us from care homes or from their own homes. We provide care and recreation for those who cannot be fully independent.

How does Ivy House differ from other day centers?

Ivy house delivers a unique product, which is widely different from what is available elsewhere. We pride ourselves on creating a home-from-home environment for all visitors and their families alike. Our carers are called ‘companions’. No-one wears a uniform, and everyone is seen as equal.
The house produces improvements in well-being and enhances the quality of life of the individual as well as his or her carer. In many cases, this means that home life can be continued for much longer than would otherwise be the case.


Ivy House is a safe and nurturing environment providing support during the day, with a host of activities to support people with dementia in Eastbourne. Ivy House gives a tailor made approach to dementia therapy providing engagement for guests and respite for carers.

If you would like to get in touch with Ivy House and see how we can help

you and your family simply get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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