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Dementia Support - What do we need and when?

What sort of support do you think you will need, not now perhaps, but for the future?

We are writing to readers who might be living on their own, caring for a family member from afar, or

married for 40 years and have concerns.

First things first: if you haven’t got a key safe, get a key safe! They are typically stored outside on the

concrete or bricks of your home and have a code to be able to access the keys allowing you peace of mind.

Secondly seek some free advice from a lawyer who will be able to guide you through the process of

setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney for Financial and Health & Welfare to protect you and your family.

Engaging with friends and neighbours and building your community is imperative.

These are the people that will

  • Notice if there is milk on the doorstep

  • A newspaper tucked in the letterbox

  • That the curtains haven’t been opened

  • They will be the ones who WILL notice where there is a decline, be objective and help you

  • Understand more help might be needed.

There are all sorts of professional support services available to you to you for the different stages

that will present themselves. Simply put;

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants tend to be self employed and the right one will turn their hand to whatever you


Homecare Agencies

Homecare Agencies can help with supporting daily routines and personal care. They will fulfil your

appointments even with staff on holiday. If you engage with an agency you will be paying additional

fees and so you could find them more expensive than a Personal Assistant.

Day Care Providers

Finding somewhere to go during the day which is tailored to support dementia is imperative. If you

are caring for a loved one you will need a break and this allows you to have some respite. If you are

caring from afar and your loved one is living alone, they will become isolated – they will need the

opportunity to build a loving community and establish a routine.

If this feels like a lot to take in, we would encourage you to come and visit the team at the

Eastbourne Dementia Café. They are in a non clinical, no appointment necessary environment. One at Shades Restaurant, The Beacon and the other at Caffe Nero, Terminus Road.

Begin your research now - the sooner you are armed with this information the better.

If you would like to learn more contact us.


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