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I know something's wrong

The routines we establish give structure to our days and weeks. These routines can flag when something isn’t quite right.

  • It might be that you are having to repeat yourself a little more often.

  • It might be that you are having to remind your loved one a little more often.

  • Your loved one will be working hard to mask that there is anything wrong which is exhausting and could trigger a behaviour change.

  • Are you increasingly supporting your loved one keep track of things?

  • Do you see signs of disorientation with a familiar location or the time?Maybe you are witnessing difficulty and confusion with a familiar task?Is there an uncharacteristic apathy such as an unwillingness to socialise?

Keep the Routine

It is imperative to maintain a routine in your home, try not to rush things, ask don’t tell and try not to be exasperated or angry. Try to keep equilibrium and also keep things as simple and consistent as you can.

We are fortunate that there are community groups in Eastbourne and the surrounding area and that help is at hand. The hardest bit is asking for the help.

Dementia Support

You will need to visit your GP because getting your concerns established in the system as soon as you can means that help will more readily be available. Next steps will come from your visit to the doctor.

We have found that often people feel dismissed or ‘not heard’. Have you asked for help and you haven’t received the help and emotional support you need?

As a carer, it is imperative that YOU get the emotional support and the break YOU need to ensure that you don’t reach a crisis point.

Do not leave getting help too late and to a point where you feel that you simply cannot cope. We believe it important to create a community with people who are living similar lives who can truly empathise.

Learn more about the support that is available through amazing support groups such as STEPS and Care for the Carers

Ivy House hosts a FREE Saturday Support Group which takes place on the first Saturday of the month at Hartfield Road or the Eastbourne Dementia Café, which takes place on the last Friday of the month at Caffe Nero, Terminus Road. We will treat you to a cup of coffee and give you the time you deserve.

Be kind to yourself.


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