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Are you comfortable talking about the issues that you face caring for a loved one who has dementia?

Have you shared with others the difficulties that you are facing helping your loved one getting dressed in the morning and undressed at night?

  • Do they need support with brushing their teeth?

  • Do they need help getting to the toilet?

  • How are you supporting them at meal times?

Is this you?

There is practical help at hand. It’s just knowing where to look and who to ask.

Providing personal care can be tricky – you have lived with someone for years, or a parent needs your help and your relationship alters. These are intimate routines and it is so important to maintain the dignity of your loved one.

If things feel like they are going a little awry remind yourself:

  • The person you are caring for is lost and frightened.

  • They don’t know what they are meant to be doing and they will be relying on you to give them the prompts that they need.

It might be that they dressed without any problems but now you lay out their clothes in the morning, and they pop the clothes on over their PJ’s.

It might be that you remind your loved one to brush their teeth, they say they’ve done it, but you are aware that their oral hygiene is slipping.

These are all indicators that they need additional support, they are not doing it to frustrate you. They love and trust you, so you can help them. Remember that processing lots of information will cause anxiety and confusion, so break down any activity into small steps.

  • Allowing enough time for the morning and the evening routine is imperative - so you’re not rushing and you can ensure that you’re not interrupted.

  • Ensure the temperature of the room and water are right, nobody likes a cold bathroom.

  • Grab / hand rails as well as non slip mats are helpful in the bathroom

  • Offering tactful reminders and prompts and doing it together is hugely beneficial

If it does of course become too much you should consider a Personal Assistant or Home Care Agency who can send someone of the same gender and be able to support your loved ones’ need for privacy.

If you would like to learn more contact Ivy on 01323 431 801 or email us at


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